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Kolja Kuse – President and Founder

Dipl.-Ing. Kolja Kuse is founder of CleanCarbon-
Technology. He studied electrical power engineering at RWTH Aachen and is working in the field of development of environmentally friendly technology based on the production of carbon fibers from algal biomass and artificial CO2 conversion prodcesses using captured and naturally bound CO2. The invention of a CSP based carbonization process for the carbon fiber production is moreover able to make industry to become CO2 – negative over time. He recently moved together with Prof. Uwe Arnold into the field of financial validation of climate friendly technology. Prof. Arnold developed a sophisticated transparent methodology to identify and predict potential of retability of new climate friendly technology with up to 10% per year at low investment risk.

Prof. Uwe Arnold, FP Finance + Systems

Prof. Thomas Brück, VP Biomass Production

Peter Haas, Technical Supervision on project basis

Armin Stohl, Construction Material Production

Kolja Kuse, Application Development

Dr. Mera Kuse, Administration

Britta Waschl, Climate Policy Supervision

Elke Heiss, Marketing Supervision